Staff Weekend


This past Memorial Day weekend, all of the staff met at the Deaton house to learn all everything there is to know about TWB. With (almost) everyone from all four trips in attendance, the house was packed! We all got a little practice packing light and waking up early, so we're pretty prepared. We covered every important detail about the trip and talked about stories from previous TWB trips. After a weekend of talking about everything TWB, we're all so excited for this summer! 

All 4 trips!
A more accurate representation

Grant, Daisy, Alyssa, and Miss Beautiful (don't worry-our boys will join us next time!)

Lunch break! 
A solid TWB meal! 

Getting the blog ready to go!

One of many beautiful sunsets we'll get to see this summer

Staff weekend was, as always, a success, and we are unbelievably excited to meet all of you in a few weeks. We hope you're getting excited, the next month will fly by and we will be heading west before you know it! Stay tuned for our "meet your staff" blog and more!