After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections
  • ·      Elizabeth Holloway, Fripp Island, “You will change, even if you don’t notice.”
  • ·      Kendall Martin, Monroe, NC, “TWB is an experience of a lifetime where you make so many amazing memories and leave knowing you have a second family.”
  • ·      Alyssa Girlie, Spartanburg, SC, “You would be surprised how much it changes you.”
  • ·      Addie Brown, Stokesdale, “TWB is the best time I’ve ever had and I’ve gotten closer to the people on this trip in the past 20 days than I have with people I’ve known for the past 10 years.”
  • ·      Tykasia Davis, Union, SC, “The things I’ve done here, I’ve never expected I’ll do them, emotionally and physically.”
  • ·      Maddy Busic, Huntersville, NC, “Best 23 days of my life!”
  • ·      Ethan Burch, Cherryville, NC, “I will never forget the great times I had on TWB.”
  • ·      Elizabeth Morris, Whiteville, NC, “No matter how excited you are for TWB, you will be surprised how close you become with 83 strangers.”
  • ·      Anna Osborne, Laurel Hill, NC, “The family and memories you make on TWB cannot be compared to anything else.”
  • ·      Paulina Willliams, Charlotte, NC, “The learning experiences that I have had on TWB will help me for the rest of my life.”
  • ·      Olivia Goodson, Cramerton, NC, “Traveling across America and making 80 new best friends is truly magical, Leonardo NO DiCAPrio.”
  • ·      Bailey Rollins, Mount Holly, NC, “People will tell you their TWB story and you will be so excited, but nothing compares to the TWB story that you yourself experiences.”
  • ·      Greer Bennett, Cheraw, SC, “TWB is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience to meet people I wouldn’t normally meet.”
  • ·      Kambrie Kearns, Mount Croghan, SC, “TWB helped me figure out what kind of person I am and how I can help others.”
  • ·      Halen Lawing, Union, SC, “TWB truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that changes you for the better.”
  • ·      Carter Williamson, Reidsville, NC, “Wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
  • ·      Amber Roach, Cherryville, NC, “I’m so happy to have a second family I can always count on to lift me up and make sure I’m having fun.”
  • ·      Jameson Boyd, Snow Camp, NC, “An experience that is beyond mind blowing!”
  • ·      McKinsey Rakestraw, Madison, NC, “This has been and will be the most memorable and exciting summer of my life because of TWB.”
  • ·      Allie Blackburn, Lincolnton, NC, “The most memorable trip with friends that I will have for the rest of my life.”
  • ·      Dakota Davis, Reidsville, NC, “Such a memorable experience and a great way to meet new friends!”
  • ·      Ian Objio, Mooresville, NC, “Believe me when I tell you that this is not something you want to miss out on; it will change you as a person.”
  • ·      Booke Henley, Cherryville, NC, “This trip has made me a stronger person in so many ways.”
  • ·      Grace Elliotte, Fort Mill, “The sceneries are so worth it!”
  • ·      Sunshine Burger, Bessemer City, “The sites are breathtaking and worth spending 23 days with 80 other teenagers.”
  • ·      Danielle Sosebee, Gastonia, NC, “This experience was probably the best experience you could ever have in your life, you don’t just find friends, you find your true self.”
  • ·      Brett Bassani, Denver, NC, “This is an amazing experience and you meet so many amazing people.”
  • ·      Jacob Kimble, Sandford, “This trip was way out of my comfort zone, but it has helped me a lot, I feel like I can talk to others easier now.”
  • ·      Lindsey Miller, Denver, NC, “Focus in on the good ONLY.”
  • ·      Ashlyn Wallace, Gastonia, NC, “TWB made me embrace that it is okay to be myself and talk about what I love.”
  • ·      Caroline Infinger, Laurinburg, NC, “My TWB experience was priceless, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
  • ·      Jackson Ward, Mooresville, NC, “I came on this trip to learn more about America, and ended up learning more about friendship and camaraderie than I ever thought possible.”
  • ·      Emma Dean, Cheraw, SC, “I was very skeptical about this trip at first but I don’t regret my decision to come at all.”
  • ·      Abby Brannen, Mooresville, NC, “TWB is a once in a lifetime experience that no one should hesitate to take part in.”
  • ·      Katelyn McKinney, Reidsville, NC, “TWB is the experience of a lifetime, from seeing our beautiful country to making lasting friendships!”
  • ·      Ella Smith, Belmont, NC, “TWB has allowed me to reflect on myself and view my beautiful country while making lifelong friends.”
  • ·      Tyler Zill, Gastonia, NC, “This has been the absolute trip of a lifetime, and I would do it over and over again.”
  • ·      Madyson Truitt, Union, SC, “I never knew that a 23 day trip with so strangers could be so unexplainably amazing and life changing.”
  • ·      Brady Whitney, Sanford, NC, “Being apart from your family can be hard at times but the family you make on TWB makes it worth it.”
  • ·      Zoe Givens, Lexington, SC, “TWB has helped me grow more and taught me more than I could ever imagine.”
  • ·      Scarlett Rackley, Sanford, NC, “Enjoy every second of the trip it will be the best 23 days of your life.”
  • ·      Ava Ewalltney, Concord, NC, “TWB was an experience that not only was a blast, but also helped me grow as an individual and gain a new family.”
  • ·      Knox Polk, Laurinburg, “The fact that I met the most beautiful peole and places in just 23 days honestly amazes me, and I doubt I’ll ever experience anything like it again!”
  • ·      Hailey Smith, Gastonia, NC, “America has the most hidden breathtaking views, and you can only experience it when you take a leap of faith.”
  • ·      Jenna Bullard, Whiteville, NC, “I’m glad I took that step out of my comfort zone by coming on this trip.”
  • ·      Jordan Meyers, Huntersville, NC, “Have Michael drive again next summer, great sites!”
  • ·      Henry Thompson, Sanford, NC, “TWB is an opportunity of a lifetime than everyone should experience.
  • ·      Maddie Lowry, Gastonia, NC, “A life changing trip that cannot be explained until you experience it yourself.”
  • ·      Riley McGee, Rock Hill, SC, “I’m so thankful I was chosen to go on this amazing and life changing trip where I was able to make friends and become close like family.”
  • ·      Carson Philbeck, Stanley, NC, “My TWB experience is something I will never forget.”
  • ·      Macy Monteith, Charlotte, NC, “Traveling America seeing God’s creation is one of the best experiences of my life.”
  • ·      Grace Ann Wooten, Whiteville, NC, “TWB has been an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, I’m so glad to have been chosen as a participant.
  • ·      Walker Christian, Beaufort, SC, “I’ve enjoyed every second and every aspect of this TWB trip, and this trip has been the best trip I’ve ever been on: traveling to cool places, meeting awesome people and growing as an individual. “
  • ·      Jackson Hunt, Raleigh, NC, “I left on this trip as a kid and came back as a man.”
  • ·      Rachel Lowry, Gastonia, NC, “All around amazing! If I could rewind time and do it again, I would.”
  • ·      Riley Houser, Raleigh, NC, “I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to see God’s beautiful creation, with my new family.”
  • ·      Nora Grace McKenzie, Elon, NC, “TWB is an indescribable experience and it truly is one big family.”
  • ·      Maevis Pair, Charlotte, NC, “My bucket list is shorter.”
  • ·      Jayla McCloskey, Greensboro, NC, “Overall good experience but very out of my comfort zone.”
  • ·      Abigail Brooks, Mount Holly, NC, “Definitely the experience of a lifetime.”
  • ·      Grace Trask, Beaufort, SC, “Had a lot of very high ups and very low downs but I don’t regret coming.”
  • ·      Mandy Peake, Winston-Salem, “TWB was an incredible adventure of a lifetime and I will never forget the friends and memories I made here.”
  • ·      Madeline Gilstrap, Union, SC, “This trip has been the highlight of my life. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”
  • ·      Lauren Letts, Gastonia, NC, “Throughout this trip I have gained friendships closer than people I have known for years, met amazing staff members, and learned that everyone has their own stories with highs and lows.”
  • ·      CJ Hill, Gastonia, NC, “TWB is a life changing experience that is worth every second. You learn many things that will help you out in the future as well as many skills.”
  • ·      Caroline Willard, Chesterfield, “Do the trip, I know it’s a lot of money and you can’t have your phone, but its worth it!”
  • ·      Austin Jacobs, Lumberton, NC, “TWB will give you relationships with people, and the country that will last forever. Also makes you cry a little!’
  • ·      Emily Sauls, Whiteville, NC, “This trip has been amazing, I love all the people that I have met like family, we have become a family.”
  • ·      Samantha Plourde, Denver, NC, “I never realized how quickly you can form bonds.”
  • ·      Owen Joyce, Mooresville, NC, “I have had made the best friends ever because I decided to be my self.”
  • ·      Caroline Heins, Fort Mill, “I learned so much about myself!”
  • ·      Harrison Thomas, Lincolnton, NC, “I truly love everything about this trip, just keep doing what you are doing.”
  • ·      Ashley Reep,  Cherryville, NC, “HWY One is an unforgettable experience.”
  • ·      Hunter Boik, Mint Hill, NC, “You WILL find a new best friend.”
  • ·      Marshall Witherell, Gastonia, NC, “Trip of a lifetime. Best experience of my life.”

Day 23- Return

Day 23-HOME

Hey everyone, it’s the Grumpys, one last time L.
Today we end our journey of 23 days across our glorious country… America. Most people soaked in our last hours together by staying up all night (not joking, people actually stayed up ALL night). It has been a bittersweet day, beginning with our final Wal-Mart trip, last rest stop, and saying our goodbyes. The bus has been full of singing our favorite songs and maybe shedding a few tears. Thanks to our bus driver, Michael, and our amazing staff for making this trip truly once-in-a-lifetime! And for our 80 new friends/family, this is not goodbye; this is just a see you later!

This is the Grumpy Gang signing out for the last time.

More pics to come!!

Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22-Kentucky

Hello lovelies, it’s the Grumpys from Kentucky! Today we woke up with mosquitos in our sleeping bags and Kentucky on our mind. Our breakfast consisted of Pop tarts and oranges… again (just kidding we love the Sneezys). After a few rest stops, we finally arrived at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. There we enjoyed a 360 degree movie and a tour with one of the best tour guides, Ferguson. After shopping we loaded the buses and prepared for our next stop, the Original Kentucky Fried Chicken! We enjoyed fried chicken, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. It was amazing! We got to take some cool pictures with Colonel Sanders, and we got some postcards. As the cooks served us our food, they wore the empty chicken buckets as hats. Some people kept them on all night. After we enjoyed our meal, we headed to our campsite. We began our skits and reminisced on the funny moments of the trip. Even the staff got involved; they roasted most of the campers. We finished up our skits with a group sing-a-long of “Today” and “This Land is Our Land." Tears were shed during this moment, and it touched everyone’s hearts. Later in the night, when the staff was asleep, all of the kids joined together holding hands in a circle and sang the most special songs, including “Lean on Me." Some of us even stayed up and waited for our Kansas crew to return around 4:00 a.m. It was exciting to be reunited and we are relieved that they were able to meet back up with us smoothly. This was a very special ending on the last night of our life changing adventure. Hardly any campers slept because everybody wanted to make the most of the last night together. Tonight was a memorable night for all of us, and it will forever have a special place in our hearts. We’ll see you tomorrow, Grumpy Gang out. 

Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21: St. Louis 

Hi from TWB! Today's blog will be a little different since most of TWB is in St. Louis but some of us (including Daisy with the blog computer) are still in Manhattan. Unfortunately, we mean Manhattan, Kansas, and not the other one. So the blog will be split into two parts: TWB and "The Kastaways," which is what the Kansas group has dubbed themselves. 

The majority of TWB

What up TWB blog! It's the Grumpys again! Our morning began after a quick trip to Walmart to prepare for our meals throughout the day. Our wonderful breakfast consisted of Nutrigrain bars and bananas! Several naps were taken right before lunch was served. Our lunch consisted of walking tacos, which were very good. After a long drive through Kansas and into Missouri, we finally arrived at the Archway to the West. Sadly we weren't able to go up in the arch because the elevator eggs were not in service. We were still able to enjoy several interactive displays inside the Arch. Once we finished exploring the exhibits, we headed to our campsite in Illinois. There we were met by a kitty that joined us for dinner and had a bunch of mosquitoes. For dinner we had some delicious chicken caesar wraps. This has been the Grumpys! See y'all tomorrow! 

The Kastaways

THE KANSAS KASTAWAYS: Madyson T., Danielle S., Ava G., Jameson B., Wyatt N., Savanna P., Caroline W., Amber R., Grant H., Kiran G., and our counselors Daisy and Ian.  

This morning, most of us were woken up by the other kids that were headed on to go to the Arch. After they left our campsite, we all went back to sleep and slept until about 9:30 a.m. Yes we said NINE THIRTY!!! Once we woke up, we took showers and headed to the movies to watch THE LION KING!!!!!!!!!! After drying our tears from watching the movie, we all headed to Starbucks. Daisy stayed there to work on the blog and charge electronics to prepare for our primitive camping and the rest of us took off to the local shops. We all got custom t-shirts of our choice, checked out the Kansas sports store, and wandered around to multiple other local shops. Once we were finished we met back up with Daisy at Starbucks and headed to the Manhattan sign. After taking a few pictures and looking at the view, we then headed to Walmart. We got snacks, t-shirts, and a few things for dinner. After our Walmart adventure, we headed back to the campsite, and made our delicious walking tacos. We had doritos, chicken, beans, lettuce, and salsa. The rest of the night consisted of talking, games, t-shirt making, and deep conversations about life and the TWB trip. We all eventually headed to bed around midnight and we get to sleep in!! So far we're loving being part of this little group.