Day 18-Custer, South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore

Hi again from the Happys!! We woke up this morning after experiencing some rain last night at our campsite, Ponderosa, in Cody. People scrambled to throw their things under trees and put tarps over themselves. A lot of people woke up earlier but our official wake up time was 7:00 a.m., so some of us got to sleep in a little! V went around telling us "little darlings" to wake up. Grant also joined her in waking us up this morning. 

We loaded the bus and vans around 8:00. We had a variety of PopTarts and apples for breakfast. Grant played a PopTart song to get us in the mood. He also played some funny songs about Mormons to give us a good throwback to Salt Lake City. After we ate, as usual, almost everybody fell asleep again.

After our first gas station stop we drove through Shell Canyon. It was beautiful! It brought us back to our days in the Grand Canyon. For lunch we had hoagie sandwiches with roast beef and chips. The cooks accidentally forgot to put spoons and knives in the food bins, so we got creative and used chips to spread the mayo and mustard. We also had gourmet on brand cookies which was very exciting (Chips Ahoy and Oreos)!

After another few hours of driving we stopped at a Wal-Mart. The cooks picked up a few meals and others just walked around aimlessly in their favorite sections, which we all seem to have now with our frequent stops at wally world. We saw lots of people leaving with different snacks. Before we went into Wal-Mart Grant warned us of the electronic section nazi. She has a reputation of kicking out past TWB participants for using the electronics for personal use.

Lauren Letts purchased a Wal-Mart Associates Choir CD for $5. In response, Halen Lawing and Olivia Goodson asked Grant to play it for the entire bus. It was so bad and he made us listen to the whole CD!! Most people slept, read, or listened to their own music instead.

We continued driving for a few more hours until we arrived in Custer, South Dakota. We pulled over at a park near the downtown area and were told that we were to begin preparing for our dance battles that are to take place the next day. The counselors brought out a giant speaker and a remix of Timber and Old Town Road came on. The reaction to the song choice for the dance was a mix of cringing and excitement, but after we all listened to it at least 20 times while practicing we started to like it. While we were making our dances up the cooks were looking tacos for us. During dinner, Corbin Herman (the mayor of Custer) and his wife Terri Herman joined us. He shared with us the town of Corbin’s history wrapped around General Custer and the beginning of the Gold Rush. They also brought their adorable dog, Grizzly, and we all got to love on him for a while. 

Shortly after, we headed towards Mt Rushmore- a monument dedicated to four of our most famous presidents visited by millions of tourists year round. When we arrived, we heard research from Marshall, Caroline H., Kambrie, Lauren, and Halen. We took a group photo in front of the monument and then had free time to enjoy Thomas Jefferson’s soft served ice cream and browse at the Gift Shop. We then joined together at 8:30 and made our way back – singing USA songs – to the YMCA. We are very thankful to be able to stay indoors tonight due to the unpredictable weather. The YMCA we bed in tonight is the largest externally supported log cabin in the U.S. And we got showers!! They were cold, but a shower is a shower and we're thankful. Tomorrow we'll head to the Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training Center.


Signing out, the Happys