Day 17- Cody, Wyoming

Day 17: Cody, Wyoming

Hello! This is the Happy GANG and we are the best group traveling the Wild West. (Grant H., Henry T., Ethan B., Addie B., Abi B., Jayla M., Elizabeth M., Ty D., Greer B., Olivia G., Ava G., Grace E., and Brooke H.).

Today we experienced the lovely town of Cody, Wyoming. We woke up today around 6:45 AM in order to go to the Wyoming River Trips facility for white water rafting! Our rafting guides came to pick us up at around 7:15 AM in some old fashioned school buses. The ride to the river wasn’t very far at all, only around 10 minutes. When we got to the river, everyone was given a life jacket and was also given an option to wear a classic oversized yellow rain coat, called a "slicker." From there we rode down to the water and were almost ready to go. First, we had to carry the super heavy rafts that we were going to be using down to the water. Then we got in groups of nine and ten and hopped in our boats with our guides. As we embarked on our 2 hour rafting tour through the Shoshone River, we saw the beautiful plateaus of Wyoming while floating in the crystal blue water. While going down the intense rapids we would splash the other boats with our paddle. It was thrilling, and we all had a super chill time. The tour guides were great, and the water was cold but enjoyable! 

Afterwards, we pulled back up to our campsite to realize that Grant, V, and Daisy had prepared our breakfast; we had eggs, grits, sausage, bread and orange juice for breakfast at the campgrounds, which was DELICIOUS. Then we did laundry for the last time! Some of us got to use the machines at our site, others took over two of Cody’s local laundromats, and had some nice relax time during the middle of the day. We got to reorganize our bags, work on postcards, hang out, and even take out time showering! We prepared for the rodeo as some guys wore jorts (jean shorts) and cut off polos. 

Some of our boys washing the vans and trailers in their rodeo gear

Around 4:30 or so we had chicken alfredo and green peas from the new cooks, which was fan-diddly-tastic. Then we packed into the buses and vans and headed into downtown Cody. The downtown had a nice mix of modern and western architecture and culture, and made for an interesting and new experience. We shopped there for a while (almost every person in our trip bought a cowboy hat tonight), and we also watched a pretend gun show which was neat. 

Lastly, we headed to the Cody Rodeo for a nighttime show of a lifetime. The rodeo was amazing, there were very awesome events such as cattle roping, bull riding, horse riding, and even bull wrestling! Before entering, a lot of us decided to ride a mechanical bull, which led to many laughs after watching us fall to the ground. Many of us bought popcorn and cotton candy as we watched the most dangerous sport in the world. We also had an Australian entertainer at the show announce our group and let us sing the song Wagon WheelAfter the rodeo, we headed back to the campsite, and some of us even went for a late night Dairy Queen run. We ate ice cream and even some chili cheese fries. Well, it’s time for us to go now so we can get some sleep, adios and goodnight! Happys will be back tomorrow! 

Some of the Happy bloggers outside Dairy Queen